Friday, 13 May 2016

Kansi 9Twenty



Do more with this Kansi 9-speed. Thanks to its formidable 9-speed transmission, the Kansi 9Twenty can face any uphill or down with an ease that you would believe impossible in a folding bike.

Avid brakes and equipped with a rear handle SRAM X5 and change, 9Twenty handled perfectly even in wet weather. In addition, agility and rapid response skills with speed cornering make it a true urban weapon.

If you need to leave in a hurry at traffic lights, this Kansi can keep up as any of the best. And it's versatile enough to cope with a wide variety of terrain, from paths along the canal to streets filled with traffic. So if you need to go to work quickly or if you like to bike for fun it offers, this Kansi is ideal for your needs.

About the Brand - Kansi

Kansi bikes like the 9Twenty may not change the world, but they can do a little more fun. Can you prefer to feel the wind in your hair before perspiration? Or it's may be simply a need for speed? People buy folding bikes for many reasons, but leaving aside your vibrations, Kansi is always about having a bike that is for luxurious and practical riding. 
A Kansi 9Twenty with which you feel at home, whether on a leisure outlet for meander during the weekend as dodging taxis in the bus lane. And once you've finished work, you can put it under the desk or put it in the boot of a car or easily take it home on the train commute.

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